' Cava D’Onice


Cava D’Onice

This estate represents for us an ambitious project to propose the product in which we believe. Our "terroir", our home, are for us priceless values and as such we want to keep them for our children.
“From an early age I followed my father, a winemaker for many years in an historical Montalcino’s winery, during his work. Then at the age of fourteen I started working, so I started my agricultural experience in the vineyard, learning to know the vines and their vegetative cycle, I learned how to cure them, prune them, do grafts" says Simone, owner and producer of Cava d'Onice.

The winery is managed solely by Simone and his wife, a family-run business in which they strongly believe and invest. Despite the young age and the small size of the estate it has made its way over the years reaching great successes and making itself known also overseas.

“I believe in Brunello di Montalcino and I believe in the unique characteristics the Sangiovese can express in this territory. Our wines have to be the pure expression of the territory they were born”

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